Editing Laned Multi-Tracks

So, since getting Cubase 10 (originally on 5), I’ve noticed that if you have lanes opened and click CTRL while hovering over one of the lanes, you get the play audio tool. Now, if you’re like me and record instruments like drums with lanes, so that you dont end up with 500 audio tracks, editing these lanes heavily relies on Ctrl+Left Clicking to select specific takes. I guess I figured out that Shift+Left Click now does a similar thing. Except for one major issue that is essentially stopped me in my tracks: when you split one lane, while having several lanes selected (ex.: all the drum tracks on lane 3), the split tool does something unintended. It will cut the one lane that you clicked on, and no other on that track, but it will cut all lanes on all other tracks.

This is hard to explain, but I hope it’s understandable. I’ve lost about 5 hours today with this overall problem, and possibly lost the money for an overdue project, but I’m determined to figure this out. Essentially, I’m unable to select and cut ONLY take 5 (for instance) on all drum tracks. If anyone has any idea on how to get around this (it seems to be a bug), please do help out. Steinberg support has basically done nothing to help me, going as far as refusing to respond to technical issues because I’m not in the US.