Editing Metadata in Audio Montage window

What is the point of the Metadata window whilst in Audio Montage mode ? I presumed I’d be able to edit the metadata of any of the individual clips by highlighting each one and applying whatever changes I wanted (as it works in the rest of Wavelab) but in Audio Montage it doesn’t work. Even highlighting just one clip, whatever changes I make are applied to all clips !

This is the meta-data that is going to be injected in the rendered file(s).
Per CD-Track customization is possible thanks to the variable system (see doc).

I find this extremely useful and a major reason why I choose WaveLab. It can be used to populate the metadata of rendered files using existing info already entered elsewhere. With a preset “pre-loaded” on your montage template,it basically works automatically. Then any rendered WAV/mp3/DDP files will all have the metadata and CD-Text populated in a uniform manner, and very easy to do.

For example in a montage, I enter the CD-Text track name for each song/track anyway for CD-Text purposes, and then metadata window can be used to take the CD-Text track name and push it to the song title in variety of metadata fields that support song titles.

Then I do the same for album title, album artist, track artist, track number & track total, ISRC etc and then you can even add the artwork for the actual album. The options and variables for pulling metadata from existing info run pretty deep.

Even if you aren’t making CDs and making CD text, it’s so fast to populate CD-Text from the marker names which easily come from the clip names (assuming you named the clips correctly before starting and if not, a quick fix). This makes populating the metadata very quick and easy in my opinion.

I think a better question is what are you specifically trying to do with each clip that would be different from another clip? Surely the song titles would be different but that can be programmed.