editing metadata / individual track names

good morning…

question about metadata and track naming from the Montage… i often have client albums that have characters that aren’t compatible with CD-TEXT (any accent character, for example)…

is there a way in the METADATA that i can enter each individual track name, instead of having to pull the track titles from the CD TEXT via the



been poking around this morning but can’t seem to find anything…


Maybe PG will know if it’s possible or maybe this is a feature request but in these cases, it would be nice if the metadata could be pulled from the track marker name (not the CD-Text Track Name) and you could name your markers the exact way they want it and then modify the CD-Text Track names to be valid for that purpose.

For WAV files you could load the individual WAVs into the Audio Editor (not a montage) and manually edit the metadata but that can be a slow process and it won’t work for the mp3 versions because WaveLab has to decode mp3 to WAV to open it.

yeah i can try that at least for this project this morning as there are only 2 titles with accents in them.

curiously, though, when i open a WAV file that i exported (with “autofill” metadata) and go into the metadata page for that WAV, there is no metadata there… like the metadata window is empty… does it not export metadata with WAV files? (maybe only MP3?)

anyway… not a huge deal… just something that’s been nagging on me for a couple years that i hope they tighten up in a coming version. CD-TXT is so outdated they shouldn’t be using it as the source for modern metadata…

The metadata should be there for the WAV and mp3 just the same. I just opened a WAV I recently rendered from the montage (with my metadata preset) and opening the WAV in the audio editor (not a new montage) shows me all the metadata that I assigned in the montage before rendering.

See attachment.


It should and it not only for MP3’s!
Have you checked the WL 9.5 pdf manual page 146

regards S-EH

yeah, i guess the metadata is there in my WAVs… i thought maybe it wasn’t as this window (foreground, in my attachment) was blank… but seems to be populated as per the window in the background

Good deal. You make a valid point about using CD-Text (which has restricted characters) as a point of entry for the data but I think when this feature was added, it was the most logical way to do it.

Also, since WaveLab is way ahead of any other mastering DAW (at least for Mac) that I’m aware, I haven’t had a good case to criticize it since it’s WAY better than any other option right now.

That being said, maybe there could be a new way to enter data but assuming no special characters are involved, the great thing about the current workflow is that you just have to enter the data one time and it gets pushed everywhere with the right metadata preset applied.

I guess I’m lucky in that I don’t get projects with special characters very often but I’m sure certain genres and languages deal with it more often.

The ideal solution is a way to enter this info one time globally, and have it pushed to CD-Text and metadata with an option/mode that could automatically transpose illegal CD-Text characters to valid characters that still make sense.

I don’t know how feasible this really is though.