Editing midi data in controller lanes

Hello all,

Are there any recent developments with the implementation of automation lanes in Play mode? In version 1.0.30 I have only been able to find ways to edit note lengths and offsets, etc. Nothing is apparently available for editing such parameters as attack, timbre, vibrato, and expression, etc. I bought this software under the impression that whilst it would not have anywhere near the exhaustive functionality of Cubase, it would nonetheless cover these basic elements of graphic editing.

I have the Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra series and am excited by their newly implemented UACC technology which implements varied values for CC 32, to switch articulations and expression. Is this something you are interested in accommodating in further updates of Doroco?

I’m afraid that editing of controller and VST parameter data is not yet implemented, and although there will be significant improvements in the functionality and usability of Play mode in the forthcoming Dorico 1.1 update, we have not yet managed to devote the time needed to getting this kind of continuous data editing implemented, but it is absolutely in our plans. I hope that you will nevertheless be pleased with the progress we have made on Play mode when you see the new update.

There’s nothing stopping you from using UACC in Dorico right now, but you will have to write the Expression maps yourself. I’d consider it unlikely that Steinberg will provide any, but who knows…

Are playback controller lanes in the next (paid?) update Daniel?
I bought the product at first release for this reason…
I recall there was a promo video showing controller lanes at the time.

Yes, we did have a prototype of controller lanes in Play mode in the summer before Dorico was first released, but we had to remove them because they didn’t actually work! At the time the video was made it was absolutely our plan to have them in the first release, but unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get them finished. We will indeed have support for controller editing in the next version, at least for MIDI CCs – but not for VST parameters or the Mixer more generally just yet.

Thank you. Modwheel (CC1) and expression are the main two I would use.