editing midi data is impossible...

…in nuendo 5.5.1 when done in the project window. where is the option to zoom in vertically?! the notes are so small you can´t grab them…am i missing something?

no answer…

the support doesn´t answer, too…WHY the hell am i paying for a program if i don´t get any support???

A very quick search in the manual will tell you this.

To zoom or scroll the In-Place Editor, point at the left part of the piano keyboard display so that the pointer changes to a hand. Now you can click and drag to the right or left to zoom in or out vertically, and drag up or down to scroll the editor.


another stupid change in behaviour…
sorry if it was in the manual.
still wonder why the so-called support doesn´t answer at all. this is definately the last version of nuendo i bought.

Perhaps because this isn’t the official support channel (although that’s another argument for another day).

yeah, i know this isn´t a (very much) supported forum but i sent a mail through the official support form and didn´t get any answer at all.
but that indeed is another story…

anyway thanks a lot for your tip!

Hehe, I stepped over this some time ago. It took a while till I found out :slight_smile: