Editing Midi Notes

Hi All,
Don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this but many times when I am moving a midi note in the editor, I’ll experience a runaway effect.
It usually happens vertically. If I make a copy of a note and try to move it one step up or down, it will all of the sudden runaway up or down quickly, sometimes as far as 2 octaves. It doesn’t happen every time but when it does, it totally goes out of the scope of the rest of my note work and is effectively counterproductive. Is this a Cubase glitch or am I missing a setting somewhere? I don’t think it matters what setting the zoom is because it can happen at random and then not again in the next moment.
Thanks for your thoughts.


So nobody has seen this problem?

Yes I have seen that often and it is frustrating. I hit Undo and move slower with the mouse cursor.

Thanks for your reply Turkle20!
Yes, it is frustrating. Most times, being aware of it, I do move the cursor very slow, sometimes one increment and it still will run off.
Instead of hitting undo, I just keep hold of the note and bring it back to the desired location. It’s usually a random occurrence and may not do it again in that session but it’s always in the back of my head.

shot in the dark- What mouse/trackpad are you using?

Some trackpad drivers have a function that is supposed to help when you reach the edge, by continuing the movement of the mouse cursor in the same direction…

I’m using a Microsoft 2.4G Wireless optical mouse. Pretty sure I don’t have the feature you speak of.
It never runs away left/right, it’s always vertical. When it does happen, it can run away with very little provocation.
It’s a random occurrence so I really can’t link it with any setting or instance.