Editing MIDI with the range tool

when using the range tool in the key editor, (preferences set to split MIDI) if I make a selection on an unsplit MIDI part and drag out to a different spot, the notes get split and moved correctly, but the new notes act like muted notes, they are grayed out and unplayable, tried to unmute, didnt matter, any ideas?


Could you please attach a screenshot, how does your Range Selection look like?

hi Martin, I think I see what I was doing wrong, I needed to extend the original part to bring the new section alive, in pictures 1 - 4 you can see what I originally did, then in picture 5 I extended the part and everything worked, I’m still a little foggy on why it didnt just automatically create a new part of the dragged out section, but at least I now know why my first attempt was muted…


The new MIDI Notes are out of the MIDI Part boundaries, therefore they are muted. Extend the MIDI Part length.