Editing More Than One Mono or Stereo Channel at a Time?

Hi Guys –

I’m accustomed to recording a singe mono or stereo acoustic guitar track and then editing away, sometimes quite surgically. But what if I wanted to record with multiple mics (say, one close-miked mono track and then a separate stereo track of room mics) and then edit them all as if they were a single track? In other words, how do you do surgical edits across multiple Cubase tracks in one fell swoop? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance.


There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Easiest now is the Group editing feature. Put the tracks in a folder, then hit the Group edit button. Slice away!

  2. Or, put the tracks in a folder and make your slices on the folder track’s clip region. This is tricky, as the clips can sometimes be represented illogically in the folder track’s region. .

  3. Group the clips. I believe this is under EDIT> GROUP, or CMD +G. This can have done weird behaviors too, you’ve sliced them up.

Number 1 is the easiest and best way. Especially if they’re multiple mics on a single source. Group Editing will ensure they stay time-aligned.

Awesome. Thanks for explaining.

Happy holidays!