Editing multiple copies of the same drum block

Hi all, Could any of you kind folks help me out with this please?

If I’ve created a drum block in Cubase 12 Elements and pasted it 24 times then later realised that I wanted to add another drum part into those 24 patterns (like a snare hit on the 3rd and 7th beat), is there a quick way to do the same thing to all of them? Or would I need to edit the original pattern then delete and re-copy? I guess this would also apply if I only wanted to add the additional snare into the 4th, 8th, 15th and 22nd drum blocks for example.

Any help gratefully received.

Yes, currently each of your MIDI Parts (not blocks) is totally independent of the other Parts. But you can also use Edit>Functions>Repeat… where there is an option to create Shared Copies. If you use Shared Copies any edits made to one will occur in all. You can later convert them back into Real Copies if you want them to be independent again.

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Ooh that’s interesting!

Thanks @raino for the swift response!

Just so I get this right, If I select the first midi part then use edit>functions. repeat, it creates a second copy which is the same as the first but linked, so anything I do to either copy is replicated. I can then select the parts again and untick the shared copies to make them unique?

This creates another copy rather than converting the original midi parts into shared copies. In my example my 24 parts would then be 48 parts, but 24 of them would be shared copies, so I would have to delete my original 24 copies anyway and replace them with my new 24 parts.

Is there a way to convert the original midi parts rather than repeating them?


No because the different Parts could each have different stuff in them - so which takes precedent?

Just delete 23 of your existing Parts & execute the Repeat command once to make 23 Shared Copies.


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Nice one mate - yep, I get that!