Editing multiple tracks


I might have told it before, but I can’t find it. However, while searching I’ve seen that I’m not alone (at least in all the Steinberg forums) to have this problem.

Something that would immensely speed editing would be the ability to select the parameter to edit on multiple tracks at the same time. Use case: I want to set the Volume for all the instruments; immediately set all the tracks to enter Volume MIDI events.

At the moment, you have to first select the CC7 lane for each of the tracks.

I would also add that I would find very useful to be able to insert an event into all the tracks at the same time. Use case: The same as above – I want to set the Volume for all the instruments. Insert a CC7 event at the same position in all the tracks. I’ll then go, and adjust the value on each track.


I still miss being able to edit multiple tracks in Dorico 4. For example, I’m trying to disconnect and reconnect several tracks from one Vienna Ensemble instance to another. This has to be done each single track a time, instead of being able to select all the tracks to be reconnected, and choose a different Vienna Ensemble instance for all of them.

This is one of those repetitive actions that computers are supposed to spare to the humans…