Editing Multiple Tracks

Can someone explain to me how to make the same edit to multiple tracks (split, glue, automate, etc). I recorded a live guitar on 2 audio tracks and want to make the same edits to both tracks. It was recorded with no click track. The instructions I currently have aren’t very clear. I’m using a Mac system. Much appreciated. Thanks

What are the instructions you have?

The instructions I saw put tracks in a folder then used hitpoints to edit. It was basically for drum editing. Since I posted I was able to highlight 2 tracks, split, then move them. But when I tried to use the glue function it wouldn’t glue both tracks, nor could I use automation. Thanks

You can put into a folder or just highlight both and edit as you have done…glueing doesn’t really achieve anything in editing this way, just crossfade if necessary and if you want a complete file wait till all edits are done and use bounce selection.

Automation cannot work on 2 tracks in this way, you would usually route to a group and automate the group or you can link the tracks.

Thanks Grim. I’m not sure how to use the bounce function to make a complete file. I don’t see a bounce function on Cubase.

In the menus…Audio/Bounce Selection

Wow! Just tried it. That’s really cool. Thanks again.

I use CTRL B for bounce… (I dont know if this is normal or if i assigned it)

Its a good thing to make your own “logical” keycommands;)