Editing multiple Wavs

I have a song that I’ve recorded without a metronome, it includes a two part guitar harmony. I’ve recorded the parts the best I can and started editing the timing of one of the guitar parts using the time stretch method (double clicking on wav and editing from there)

What I’d ultimately like to do is see the other part when making timing adjustments so that I can match the Wav visually for each part.

The problem I’m having at the moment is that after I’ve edited one part I have no reference (apart from my ears) to align the other wav. I’ve done the best I can by ‘hearing’ where the part needs to be edited but I think in this case (since the rhythm is the same) a visual guide would be beneficial.

I’ve tried dragging and clicking on both both wavs and then double clicking to open them simultaneously but this only opens the singular Wav I’ve double clicked on.

Is what I’m trying to do actually possible in this version of Cubase?

Many thanks