Editing my recorded track


I’m quite new to Cubase 7, so I don’t know much about it.

I use Cubase 7 to record songs, mostly covers with backing tracks. But my recorded track sounds very closed and studio-made, and don’t match the sound from the backing track. How do I make it have more reverberation in it, if that is what I need? If not: How do I edit the sound of the recorded track?
My vocabulary to this kind of thing is really bad, so trying to make the best out of what I can. Hehe, sorry if you don’t understand.

And just a little quick question: How do I make the split-tool not jump from one bar to another? It doesn’t split where i need it to.



  1. Open Inspector (which is probably opened already) in the Project window. Open Inserts tab, and select any Reverb plug-in, to apply it.

  2. Use J Key Command to switch the Snap Off. Then you can use the J Key Command again to switch the Snap On back. Watch, which button is switching in the toolbar while pressing J Key Command.