Editing N10.1 files In Wl opens Cubase 10

I have a problem since updating Nuendo 10 to v 10.1:
When I’m editing a file in Wavelab 9.5 Pro and press the “Trigger Cubase/Nuendo Update” in WL, it opens Cubase 10.3.
When I discard Cubase 10 (rename folder) the “Trigger Cubase/Nuendo Update” doesn’t work.
When using Nuendo 8.3.20, it works so it could be a problem with Nuendo 10.1 update
Rolling back to Nuendo 10.020 fixed this issue
Thanks for your help


Try this:

  1. Right Click any any Nuendo Project file (.npr)
  2. Select “Properties”
  3. Look at “Opens with”. If it doesn’t say Nuendo 10, click “Change”
  4. Click on “More apps”
  5. Scroll to bottom.
  6. Click on “Look for another app…”
  7. Navigate to and click on Nuendo10.exe. Mine installed into (C:) > Nuendo 10 and NOT in the Program Files folder. Go figure.

Let us know if that works as I don’t have your issue. But it’s worth a shot. On the upside, clicking on any NPR file will now open N10.

Effectively, Properties showed: “Open with Nuendo 8”.
I’ll try to make the Nuendo 10.1 update after finishing my current Project, and then verify if the issue is fixed.

It definitely seems to be a problem with the 10.1 update. I installed 10.30 and it works, updated to 10.1 and he “Trigger Cubase/Nuendo Update” in WL, opens Cubase. I checked th “Properties” of .npr files and it shows “open with Nuendo 10”
Hope to find out a solution

Same issue on another PC with Nuendo 10.1 and Cubase 10.02.
It works with Nuendo 10.03.

I would definitely file a bug report.

Since I do not have Wavelab I can’t confirm but you have verified and reproduced the problem on another computer.

Fixed in v 10.20 Thank you