Editing, names and chanelmapping

Good evening,

doing a lot of radioplay and audiobook stuff. So one has to insert maybe a sound or an additional dialogue or just a single word or even a single letter into an already finished production with a lotof tracks.What I am missing is a function where you can insert a file onto a dedicated track and move the rest of the production to the end with one single command. The momentary workaround is quite time consuming. I asked for that before, as I know that competitors offer this funktion in their DAWS, and btw please show the event names in the project window as long as the event is played and not only at the start of the event. Especially when laying down ambience tracks it is usefull to not only hear, but also see what is played.
And a last one: multichannel event channel mapping is an absolute must have, as there you have so many different mappings in library files or even field recordedfiles.