Editing notehead sets for diamond noteheads

I am in a situation where I am writing a string harmonic, and I noticed that the diamond noteheads for half notes and whole notes are different, and I was trying to figure out how to edit this in the notehead set in library, but now I just want to delete the icon for whole note diamond noteheads, so that I can make the notehead be the same for the different note values, but it don’t know how to delete it. When, after selecting the mentioned symbol, I press the trash can, nothing happens.


To remove a notehead from a notehead set, you want to use the “Remove Notehead from Set” button, in the top section of the Edit Noteheads dialog (number 4 on this page)

Then, use the controls below in the area numbered 5 to make sure the existing noteheads are set to be used for the right note durations (ie the remaining white diamond notehead that’s for minims/half notes by default should be used for notes of that duration and longer.

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I see, okay thank you so much!