Editing of text size, not yet working

I guess this feature isn’t finished yet. So far I can not adjust the text size properly, after having input it with the Text tool.
I will get the new interface (which looks a bit like a calculator), but when I try to input values, nothing happens. I can use the [+] button, but this takes ages until I am up at something like 5.0 points. Also from there on the numbers start scrolling up by themselves and I can not stop this.
Am I the only person with this problem (as I could not find another thread on this)?

It works for me. After typing in the text highlight it and then highlighting the size number and type in the new number and pressing return, I get the desired size change.

lafin, are you working with an iPad without a connected keyboard?
I am working with just the iPad on its own: still not successful…

It’s certainly possible that this is not working as intended: I will take a look and try to sort it out.

Apologies. I totally missed that you’re talking about the iPad version.

I inspected this function in the new iPad version 4.1 and can confirm it’s working now, thank you very much.
One thing to observe: to input a text size directly into the number keypad, one will have to start by pressing the [Cancel] button first.

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