Editing pitch in the middle of chords


I am trialing Dorico 2 Elements after working the last few years with MuseScore 2.
In general, I like most of the things Dorico has to offer, although I am having a little difficulty adapting to the notation input concept of moving a cursor rather than treating the rests as silent notes that can be “played” (play the qwerty keyboard 2-handed and input a melody as fast as a piano-keyboard).

One thing I use a lot in MuseScore that I don’t find in Dorico is the possibility to use the mouse to drag and drop pitch change of a single note in the middle of a chord.
I tend to make a simple first pass and then experiment with harmonies, or copy “template bars” and paste then adjust the notes to alter the harmonics.

I wonder - is this planned for Dorico but not implemented yet?
Or is it something you are “not supposed to do” because…(please supply the alternative).

A typical example:
Piano part with octave quavers in the base while the treble has bar-long chords such as “G/B/G+okt” where the middle note cycles “B / Bb / D / C# C”.
Normally I would create the first bar then copy + paste at least 3 times and adjust the key harmonic note in each bar with the mouse.

How would you suggest to handle this example in Dorico 2?

Select the note either with the mouse or with the keyboard and then use Alt+arrow keys to move it up or down. Alternatively, switch into Play Mode where you can use the mouse on the Piano Roll.

From reading the thoughts of the developers over the past two years, I suspect what you’re asking for will never be implemented, on the basis that it makes it too easy to accidentally change something.

A mouse can be very imprecise at making small discrete adjustments: a key press to move the selected notehead by one or more steps is much less error prone. Once you learn the key commands, ‘typing’ alterations to the music is much faster.

I think we probably will one day introduce an option to drag the pitches of notes with the mouse, but it’s requested very infrequently, and as Leo says, we certainly want to avoid the possibility that a slip of the mouse alone could cause you to unexpectedly change your music, so it would be an optional behaviour, and probably not enabled by default.