Editing played duration doesn't work

I have a problem with changing Played Durations for notes. The Played Durations tool in the Play toolbox is selected and I should be able to drag the start/end a note to the right/left to a new location. Dragging works fine, but as soon as I release the mouse button it jumps back to the original position. It’s like I am not allowed to edit the played duration. However, the Playback offsets in Properties are updated by the dragging. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Have you tried using the ALT/OPT key and the arrows to shorten or lengthen the values in combination with your rhythmic grid settings? I think that’s what I ended up having to do.

Are you using Dorico 3.5 or Dorico 4, Gustaf? Does this happen to all notes, in all projects, or just to some specific ones? Can you upload a small example that demonstrates the problem, perhaps with a short screen recording that shows exactly what you’re doing?

I suspect that this problem is occurring because you have the Silence playback template applied. Go to Play>Playback Template and apply the HSSE template for your edition of Dorico. Does this solve the problem?

Shift+Option and left/right arrows shorten/lengthen the note, not just the playback. This works but also works fine with the mouse, That’s not the problem, it’s to use the playing duration tool.


Hi @dspreadbury,
I use Dorico Pro 4.2. It happens for all notes and if I create a new project it’s the same issue. Here is a short screen recording:

Hi @johnkprice,
Yes, it seem to depend of the Playback Template. I am not using Silence but a new one where I only have assigned one track to an endpoint yet.

If I assign all tracks to endpoint the playing duration feature start to work! Thanks!

Here I would wish this to be clear in both the application (disable the played duration tool if the playback template isn’t complete) and in the Dorico Help(That this feature assumes that the playback template is complete).

Yes, I agree that Dorico ought to make this situation clearer. We’ll look at how to improve this in future.

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