editing "Position" attribute in the Marker Window?

Hi - when I click in the “Position” cell, it doesn’t become editable like the other cells.

I want to paste a position value in there, but when I click, it only highlights the specific bar/beat value the arrow tool is touching, and it seems all I can do is drag up/down to change that one value.

The other attributes (e.g., ID, intro) are selected in the usual expected way, ready to be “pasted over”.

What is the best way to change the position of a marker in the marker window?

Thanks -

Reason for not reading the manual before posting moronic questions is??? :confused:

I think he was looking for hostile answers like yours - you have nothing better to do?

@alexis; I use this sometimes, but don’t think pasting values is accepted. Did you try entering directly?

Hey, Thanks, Arjan P! I’ve realized that copy/paste into the info line is as quick as it would be using the Marker window, so that’s the way I’m going to go. I believe like you said I’m supposed to be able to enter the position data directly in the Position field in the Marker window (the manual says so as well), but when I click on the position field it doesn’t let me enter data. I’d think about resetting Preferences if I couldn’t do it another way.

But I’m fine with using the info line for copy/paste, especially as that means I don’t have to depend on my typing skills to get the position correct! There are other ways (Move Marker to Cursor, etc), but I think they may take more mouse clicks, as far as I can tell.

Thanks again!