Editing Problem With Multitracked Instrument in Cubase Pro 11.0.41 Build 448

I’m still finding my way around using Cubase, and I’ve run into an issue when working with tracks. I’ve recorded an acoustic guitar with three mics and a direct input simultaneously from four separate inputs on my audio interface to four separate tracks. After recording, Cubase selects all four tracks if I only click on any one of them when attempting to edit them individually.

How do I get Cubase to treat each track as individual tracks? I’ve noticed other tracks that had their parts recorded simultaneously at a given point in time also display this same issue, as if the track’s take is associated with those on another track, even though they came from separate inputs.

Your assistance is appreciated. Thanks!

i think of 2 reasons related to grouping.
1: if the tracks are inside a folder track, probably the group editing is on , not in front of cubase now , but its like = sign on the folder track. click on it to disengage if it is engaged

2: the events are grouped, the events have a sign indication when grouped with 2 or 3 cycles with strings . u can ungroup them by selecting the events and use key command “alt+U” or one of the modifiers+U. don’t remember exactly

Thanks for the reply! I don’t recall creating a folder track to begin with, so I do not see the group editing button. I cannot find anything that is grouped or linked, either. When clicking each track, it only recognizes the top track on the Info Line for all four tracks.

From Facebook’s Cubase Pro group, it was suggested to use the “K” key, which fixed the problem.

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