Editing rests in drumset part

I have searched the forum and found several topics about editing rests, but following the various steps suggested doesn’t seem to work for me at all. I then saw mention that perhaps things are different for untuned percussion parts, which may explain my problem.

In the attached screenshot,
in beat one, I want to replace the eighth note rest and sixteenth note rest with one dotted eighth note rest. Not only is it more elegant, it is the standard notation (this is a very “classic” 12/8 drum part). Indeed I entered the rest that way, with force duration on, in note input mode, and Dorico placed the cursor at the right place for the sixteenth note, but then once I entered that sixteenth note it automatically inserted those two rests.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

You can’t edit the rests on a percussion staff at the moment.

Thanks for the heads up Andgle.

If anyone from the Dorico team sees this, I’m curious about why Dorico won’t try to use the smallest number of rests possible, both in the example in my original post and in this next one. As I can’t edit them myself (yet), I’m puzzled by the choice Dorico makes. In the attached example the multiple occurrences of two 16th note rests instead of one 8th note rest in the triplets make the part harder to read in my opinion. (But perhaps there is a very good reason for Dorico doing this which I just don’t understand.)

The unpitched percussion module is still a work in progress. No doubt it will become more flexible over time.

Tuplets currently use a simplistic beat grouping algorithm, which means that e.g. a 3:2 tuplet with semiquavers (16th notes) will be grouped as three semiquavers, and that means that the rest grouping will follow that beat grouping, hence it’ll show two semiquavers instead of combining them into a quaver. This is something that we intend to improve in general, so that you can specify the beat grouping in tuplets in a similar kind of way to how you can specify beat groupings for a time signature. Obviously we also hope to make rests in percussion staves editable more generally in future, too.