editing scores with different layers

Hello everybody!

Is there a way, I can first write an “Urtext”.
Then I can add in a second layer my personal edition?
Later I can add a third layer with a different personal edition?

If I could do this, I could present my students the same music with many slurs, or many staccatos.

The different layers could be shown with colours. And it would be my choice, what “colours” will be printed.

By the way, that’s exactly what newest printed editions do. See Bärenreiter Violin-Sonatas by Beethoven. You get two printed parts: “urtext” and “edited in a historically informed way”.

Thank you for your ideas and your help.

Hi !
This is not the way Dorico is designed, I don’t think you can use it like Affinity designer or Photoshop… What you can do is duplicate the urtext flow (as many times as wished) in setup mode, and tweak each flow as desired. You’ll end up with for instance three flows, urtext, slurs flow and staccatos flow. Not sure how useful this could be though.

Marc is correct, that you cannot have multiple display layers per flow. If you want the same music with different markings, you need to duplicate the flow and add the markings there. The idea of layers is an interesting one, however I’d bet it could introduce as many issues as benefits. Fortunately, Dorico’s system of flows allows for VERY easy versioning of a work (ie- flows) all within the same file.

I’d consider a slightly different approach. Make a score that contains all the parts you want and then use layouts to control printing. To create something like the Bärenreiter example, create a score containing the piano part, the urtext violin part, and the edited violin part. Then create layouts for: (1) Urtext violin and piano; (2) Urtext violin alone; and (3) Edited violin alone.

This approach allows you to see and compare all your edits on one page while still printing any combination of parts that you want.


Hi !
Thank you for your replys. Since music is not always black or white (you will notice if you try to write an computer-urtext from a handwriting) there should be a way to make corrections in a basic layer, which would be copied in more than 1 part.
Now the most convenient way seems Stews approach. At least you see different edits on one page.