Editing Shared Staff Labels

Still a bit confused by this…

I’ve a stave for two tenor trombones, both players play from the same stave. I hope I’ve set things up correctly (see below).


Dorico is still labelling Tenor Trombones 1&2 as ‘TTrb 1’ though, when it should say ‘1&2’. Which settings do I have to change for the allocation to appear correctly?

I understand that a ‘Player’ in Setup mode, is supposed to represent one person, or a section of players, but what happens if the stave is assigned to two players playing unison, as is the case for TTrbs 1&2 here?


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Since you have set it for a single player to play two trombones (bizarre in itself?), Dorico only labels the first one that is playing. I suggest you need to use 3 players and (as @Derrek observed) condensing.

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I would add an important information here: Dorico will only condense the first instrument a player is holding. That is how it is up to now (4.0.10). So please use as many players as you need to play, or you’re fighting the (clever) software.

Many thanks for the manual references Derrek.

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@evansf . Forgive me, but your continual need to express your personal internal dialogue is becoming tedious.