Editing slurs

I just imported an xml file and a large number of the slurs are incorrect, either going over too many or too few notes. Is there a way to edit the beginning or ending of an existing slur in Write mode?

Not yet, I’m afraid. It will soon be possible to move their start position with Alt+left/right arrow and their end position with Shift+Alt+left/right arrow, but this doesn’t yet work for slurs. For now you’ll have to reinput them, which I know is a bit of a drag. Sorry.

Thanks, it is only a mild nuisance. Keep up the good work!

A question from october.
Is there a solution in Dorico 1.1 or in 1.03?

Yes, there is. In 1.1 it is possible to edit start / end position of objects in write mode both with keyboard or mouse.