Editing songs recorded on Boss BR800 digital recorder

I own a BOSS BR800 digital recorder, and I use it to record my songs (guitar and vocal). Is it possible to use Cubase LE to mix my songs, and then make a Masterfile? Or is it just possible to mix a song if you use the computer directly to record? I hope you understand the questions :wink: .

Hi and welcome,

As far as I can see, there is ASIO driver for the device. So you can connect it to computer and record to the computer.

Or you can record to the recorder, then export the WAV files, import them to Cubase and mix in Cubase.

Im not sure about the ASIO driver you talk about, I’m a noob!
Its a 4/8 channel mixer and it only makes a wav-file when you have mixed down a master file, and when you have done that, is it possible to edit it then?


I’ve checked the Roland webpage, and it’s written, there is an ASIO driver. So you can use it as an Audio Device with your computer and record to Cubase.

If you mix down to WAV, yes you can use it in Cubase. Though for mastering is WaveLab better.

Ok, nice. Thx for checking. That means that I will be able to use Cubase as if I had recorded right into the computer, with mixing and editing?!?


You can even record directly to computer.

If you have already recorded to Boss, you can export it. Maybe there is even kind of multi-track export to get all tracks one by one, or OMF. Sorry, I don’t know the device.

Ok. I downloaded it yesterday, and I don’t understand a shit :smiley:. I hope there’s some tutorials out there!