editing strangeness around time sig changes.

I had gotten myself into a quandry which I simplified in the following example. (see attachment)
In fig1, the goal is to remove the 5/4 -> 4/4 change by removing the quarter rest and having everything close up.

In my first try, (fig2), I got that strange 1 beat measure. Ultimately removing the subsequent 4/4 fixed it, but it took me a few tries (ctrl-z is my favorite function) to figure that out (I kept trying to remove the bar, forgot to turn off the insert mode, removed the second 4/4 first, etc… ). Also understand this example is a contrived simplification; in the original, there was tons of music on many voices on both staves following this point which got very messed up.

I also tried (fig3), and was puzzled where the extra rests came from since, in this example, I left ins mode on, so I assumed the spacing should close up.

I’m just passing this back to the developers to examine these results and suggest what is the recommended way to do this kind of editing


Are you familiar with the new feature in 2.2 that allows you to add or subtract any rhythmic value using the bars and barlines popover? This new functionality is intended for situations just like this one.

In a case like this, you could select the quarter rest, type shift-B, “-1/4,” Enter. Then select and delete first the 5/4, then the explicit 4/4.

Note: this would shift everything, not just one staff.

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no I was not, I thought that just removed entire measures (that’s how I got rid of the 1/4 measure).
I went back and tried this on the backup I made before going down that swamphole and it worked perfectly (almost magically)

I’m not sure where this is documented, but the use of fractions here should be in boldcase.


I understand. It’s a brand new feature, and the documentation has not yet caught up with the pace of development.

I wrote a Beginner’s Guide that you may find useful, which has included all the essential features from 2.2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6d2qmdapwqpxyn4/A%20Beginner’s%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

You can also read the version history, which we nerd types obsess over… :nerd:

yes, I had read your 12/18 version (thanks for putting that out btw).
on page 33 you have this information, but as I stated, never mentioned fractional bars.

hopefully this post will help others. This is a very powerful function.

It’s there, on page 33:

You can use the bars popover to insert any rhythmic value. Enter a number followed by a letter (q, e, h) to represent the rhythmic value. Or you can enter 3/4 into the bars popover (Not the meter popover. Yes, it works!) to insert the equivalent of 3 quarter notes.

Maybe I should remove the other input options, since I definitely prefer the fractional input. Anyways, glad it worked for you!