Editing subsequent events

G’day all.

I am new to Cubase having recently upgraded from an old Logic system. I quite like Cubase and I’m finding it very easy to work with. But I have one minor frustration that I’m hoping can be solved. I’ve tried searching for this but my inexperience with Cubase means that I’m not quite getting the terminology right, or something, and my searches are fruitless.

My problem is simple. When editing using the key editor, and starting playback, when the song position line gets to the end of the event being edited it does not display the next event, but continues to move through a blank screen even though Cubase is playing the next and subsequent events.

What I would like is for the display to show the contents of the next event as playback moves to it so that if need be I can stop it there and make changes. This is the way I have been used to it happening with Logic for the last ten years. Is this functionality available in Cubase? I can merge all the events on a track and achieve what I want that way, but I kinda like to keep them separated so that I can exchange things as need be with minimal effort and interruption to the creative flow.

I’m hoping someone can say “Yeah do this…” and it happens.

Thanks in advance for any help.



“Yeah do this…”
File->Preferences->Editing-> Auto Select Events under Cursor
Will select all MIDI events on the slected track(s), and display them in the key editor as the curser moves over. Will select the single MIDI notes in the Editor as the cursor moves over also though…

Also, you can also multiple select midi parts and they all get displayed in the editor. But, only one part will be ‘active’ the others will be greyed out a bit. When you select a note from a ‘greyed out’ part then it becomes the ‘active’ part. That’s how I do it.


Thanks guys,

thinkingcap, thanks for pointing me to the blindingly obvious…

Gargoylestudio, thanks, I should have thought to do this anyway. I appreciate the help.

Well done guys, thanks.