Editing Sync?

In WaveLab 12, the very handy “Navigation Sync” function was introduced, which applies a selection to several open files in the editor at the same time. Is there also a way to edit the then selected parts together, for example, to delete them in all these files at once? Or is this only possible via a batch processor and/or audio montage?

No, this is not possible.
With one exception though: in the spectrum editor, you can modify selections in multiple files with the following option:

Oh, that’s a pity. I’d expected that there would be an option for synchronized editing of multiple audio files in the WaveLab Editor. For me, it would be a logical continuation of “Navigation Sync”, particularly suitable for making minor adjustments to multiple files directly in the editor in order to save additional time. For example, I could imagine using the “Multiple File Tab Selection” to select the desired files and then edit them in one go, or even a combination with the “Navigation Sync” option.

I hope that another thought will be given to this, because in my opinion it would be an extremely valuable feature for the further enhancement of WaveLab.

I agree this would be useful. This is not that simple to implement, especially because undo/redo has to be managed.

Thanks, I’d be delighted if this feature, despite possible challenges, would be implemented in a future version of WaveLab.