Editing tempo causes property settings to be lost

Editing a tempo appears to cause it to lose its common property settings, as seen in the GIF below. (It can also lose its “Text shown” and “Metronome mark shown” settings, which is not reflected in the GIF). Are either of these behaviors intended?

CleanShot 2024-04-29 at 15.35.06

To the best of my knowledge it is intended, yes. Dorico thinks that you are creating a new tempo mark - not changing the current one - and so the properties will reset to default…

There is an option in the Properties panel to change the bpm of the current tempo mark (if you weren’t aware).

Thanks, @DanielMuzMurray! I was aware of the BPM (and text) editing fields in the properties panel, I’m just not in the habit of using them. Good call.

In general, even after years of using Dorico, it’s still somewhat confusing as to when editing something leads to a new thing versus an edit of the original, and also what properties and other aspects of said thing will be preserved post-edit. For example, editing a dynamic causes it to lose its properties but not its group; editing text preserves both properties and formatting; editing a fermata creates an all new fermata; etc. There’s probably a logic behind it but I’ve yet to grok it :upside_down_face:


I’m not sure if my logic is the same as Dorico’s but it wouldn’t surprise me if I’m wrong.