Editing Tempo Track with MIDI tracks

Is it possible to do this?
I have a project that has lots of tempo curves.
Now want to edit the MIDI parts…can I line up the Tempo track
and make edits to it at the same time as I delete portions of the MIDI tracks?


Wrong forum?

This is the correct forum.

If I understand correctly, the answer should be yes.

The tempo track, as I understand it, is independent of the parts in MIDI/Instrument tracks, and it drives the transport itself.

Changing things in your MIDI parts shouldn’t effect entries you’ve made to the Tempo track, and changes you make in your tempo track should not change the placement of notes on your beat/grid in the editors. The grid, nor the placement of events on it, change with tempo. The musical beat is still the musical beat…

I do believe there are ways to lock a track to the clock so ‘tempo’ has no effect on it as well. I.E. for sound effects that need to hit at a specific ‘time’ on your clock, such as a car horn blast for a video/film/game score. I think this is done in the Inspector pane…a little icon that looks like a clock toggles between time base and tempo base. If the track is toggled to ‘time base’, then tempo has no effect on it at all.

If you intend to ‘cut out’ portions of the middle of a project (I.E. chop out measures 17-24 in a 32bar song, and then ‘move’ the remaining bars to begin at measure 11), including all the stuff you’ve entered on the tempo track, I believe the answer is still yes, but that can depend on the method you use to ‘chop out’ the stuff in the middle. In short, you could chop out the tempo information as well, and move all the remaining stuff to start at measure 11 as well.

Hi, I have a question I believe similar to the original post, but I don’t think the answers here address my focus yet. I’d like to treat the tempo events just like other midi events in that I’d like to be able to slice the tempo track into parts, then move those parts left or right in the timeline.

Specifically, say I have a project with an “A” section, multiple tracks, some or all of them may extend to bar 11 or 12. I have a “B” section made up of several other tracks that starts at bar 10. I have some complex clusters of tempo events in, say, bar 15 as part of my “B” section.

I want to experiment with shifting that whole B section some number of bars earlier or later. But I want all the tempo events to stay in sync with all the parts that make up B. I can select all the B parts and drag left or right, but how do I get the tempo events in bar 15 to “stick” with the parts I am moving?

I think I can kind of do it with "insert silence, but that’s a really clunky way experimenting and doesn’t lend itself to trial and error. Plus, what happens to bars 11 and 12 of my A section if I insert silence starting at bar 10?


In case it’s not clear, ideally I’d like to be able to use the scissors tool and cut the tempo track at bar 10, leaving two tempo “parts”, then just add that tempo part starting at bar 10 to my multi-select of all the other B parts, and drag the whole collection left or right as-needed. Basically, treat the tempo events just like any other events that make up “parts”.

If there is another way to do this that is fairly fluid (since it is part of the flow of composition trial-and-error), that would be great too.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to cut the tempo track using the scissors (I’d like to be able to though). Partial workaround: put locators, then Menu Edit -> Range -> Global copy and then menu Edit -> Paste in the desired position. Then delete all events in the new position that you don’t need. I think it is feasible in one single passage using the logical editor.

Okay, thanks. Given cutting/moving of sections of the tempo track is not easily doable, and Geppastro’s workaround is at least workable but a little fussy (antithesis to compositional flow) when doing over and over, here is the situation from a slightly different angle. I’m wondering if there is some whole other working paradigm I’m just missing.

I have a project with an A section and a B section (chorus/verse, intro/body, etc). I’ve sketched out the A section, then continued on and worked up a fairly complex B section that may include lots of time sig and tempo changes. Now I want to go back and work on the A section, but that work includes trying all sorts of things including things that shorten or lengthen section A (like changing the time signature of a bar here or there, or adding or subtracting some or many bars).

With each change, I may want to have a quick listen to the end of A into the beginning of B, just to get a feel for it, then try something else.

Is there any way to “package” the B section (including all midi and audio parts, all time sig changes, the entire tempo curve) such that it is easy to adjust so it starts earlier/later quickly, particularly over and over as I experiment?

(I just found the “Arranger Track” docs… I’ll have to give that a try, hopefully that will get me close enough, although it still doesn’t look as quick or flexible as if tempo events could just be packaged into parts just like parts on midi tracks.

Thanks again…

Okay, I just spent a little time exploring the Arranger Track workflow. For the stated purpose above, it’s… “okay”. With the concept of flattening at some point, and with the need to create enough separation between song “sections” ahead of time for you to be able to easily lengthen section A at a later time, it’s functional but still not agile in the way I was looking for. Being able to treat the tempo and signature tracks as slice-able and then having the resulting parts be multi-selectable and movable would still be more straightforward and flexible. But it’s an interesting feature that I do see making use of in some situations.