Editing text at the same size than the real one?

When editing a text item, it seems that Dorico changes the size of the text (it makes a little larger that the real one). It is specially noticeable when editing long strings of characters (such as “--------------------------------------------------”). I use these long strings to create horizontal brackets, but due to this change of size when editing, it is very difficult to get the right size of the bracket, and I have to make several trials… Would it be possible to avoid this enlargement behaviour? Any idea?
Thanks in advanced!

I suspect this is because the text in the “Edit Box” is at Full Size, while you’ve set your bracket text to be Relative to the Staff. If you change your Paragraph Style for the brackets to be Absolute, then it should work.

Sorry, in a first attempt I thought it was working, but after some trials, I still have the same problem, even setting as “absolute” size…
Thanks in any case!

Are you on Windows or mac, Xavier? I certainly can’t reproduce this behaviour on mac, whether I’m using Absolute or Relative font settings. I’ve tried with Shift+X text, Text Frames and even using the various kerning functions…

Cubase 10 has a lot great features. But there are some things that are killing workflow. I have spent a lot of time getting sizing correct. in the end i just turned of dpi mode. Another bad thing is the track name area. It does not resize when the naming area is expanded to the right. Very annoying as you cannot see the full name of your track even if you have the monitor real estate to do it.

I hope the issue with the track naming is an easy fix to come in the next update.

I am using Windows 10. I create a chain of characters with Shift+X like this long one:
When I double click on the item in Create mode, it appears on the item the text menu, and the text is approx. 1 character longer.

doctorbede, your post is off-topic for this forum – I suggest you take it to the feature requests sub-forum for Cubase.

xavierpages, unfortunately it’s a limitation of the Qt framework we’re using that font metrics can appear slightly different when editing text and when you leave the editor. I believe the issue is down to tiny rounding errors in the way the metrics are calculated, which only become apparent when you have longer text items, and may also be more pronounced with some fonts than others. You can trust the result that you see when you leave the editor.

Thank you Daniel, I understand. In any case, this is a provisional problem as probably you are planning to implement horizontal brackets in the future :slight_smile: