Editing the Intrument changes box globally

Hello everyone,

Since there is no (?) possibility to tell Dorico to get something else by default in instrument change boxes than the player name, how can I make this change - via Engrave mode/propertie panel and the custom text fonction - globally in score an parts (I’ve already set local properties on “Globally”) ?

It is annoying because when we want to respect plural in this case Grouping the staff labels of adjacent identical instruments (Flute 1 & 2 = FluteS), both intruments names had to be plural to have that group staff label in plural, and then they appear as plural in instrument change boxes.

Thanks by advance !

Perhaps this is not very clear, sorry…
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here it is. :sweat_smile:
My problem is to adapt the instrument change boxe and have “Flûte” instead of “FlûteS”.

Thanks by advance !

At the moment, Dorico doesn’t make use of the singular/plural names that you can edit in e.g. the Edit Instrument Names dialog. This is something we plan to take care of, but it’s not yet been done. Unfortunately in the meantime you have to use the Properties panel to override those instrument change labels. Sorry!

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Thanks Daniel! It’s still a minor concern anyway so no worries.