Editing the start position of a hairpin in a dynamics group


So, first off, of course I know how to place dynamics anywhere I want with the caret as I’ve been working with Dorico for a long time. However, sometimes I find I’m wanting to make changes to the start (and only the start) position of a hairpin within a group of dynamics. Here is an example:

Those dynamics are grouped and linked across all three flute staves. After doing that, I realize that I would rather have the diminuendo start about one beat into the bar instead of right at the beginning. Normally what I would do is delete the diminuendos and create new ones, and then regroup/relink everything. This sometimes creates duplicates of dynamics on the other staves, so then I have to remove all dynamics from the other staves and add them back with copy and paste from the one correct staff.

I’m wondering if there is a better way of handling this that I have somehow missed? It isn’t so bad in this case with three staves, but it gets much worse if the dynamics are linked across a lot of parts in a score. If I have to make edits in this particular case, and this requires me to delete other dynamics that are there, I always get worried I will miss something and forget to put a dynamic back in. A lot of unnecessary stress from wanting to make seemingly simple edits.


I don’t think there is. If you temporarily split the tie in one staff at beat 2, you can for example drag the forte to beat 2 and the others move with it – but of course so do the ends of all the hairpins, because they abut rhythmically. The only way to be able to grab and separately move the start handle of a hairpin like that is to ungroup them first.

You’re not missing anything. We would like to add a way of moving the relative positions of dynamics within a group, but it’s not currently implemented.

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