Editing the time / tempo track

1). If I set a curve - I can’t set it in parabular line but only straight line.
2). If I try to change a positioning dot I can only do so if I right click it and choose the arrow icon, if I click the arrow icon in the tool box above - I can’t change the line.
3). If I do change the line by changing the orange dot position - the curve sometimes gets destroyed completely and creates a strange curve above or below the tempo window span. very strange.
4). Also - when I select a dot to be changed it changes the previous dot as well, why can’t I reposition a dot by lets say the norm of an alt +click?
5). The dots do not snap to the curve corners , its hard to get a precise location for the dots. Using the spline style in a software like photoshop ( free pen and direct select etc… ) will be great as each dot on the curve has two handles to twist it and re position it.
6). One must click and click on the transport arrows to bring the playback marker to the desired spot - why not just one click and hold instead of click and click and click again?

I wishes all these points mentioned here to be somehow addressed and improved…

Just checking - have you updated to 4.1? I can’t replicate your points 2, 3, 4 or 6 (though re. 6I don’t think I’ve ever used the transport arrows - why not just click in the grey area at the top of the Tempo Editor and tap Space?)

I wouldn’t write these unless experienced with.
no.3 do happen at times not always in this way , sometimes it just goes over the window.
no.4. maybe I did something wrong.
no. 2. It does work both ways, don’t know why I had an issue with it previously…
going to bed… thanks for your follow up - take care.

Well maybe consider updating to 4.1. It’s free, and it’s clear from the Version History that time and effort has been spent on the Key Editor.

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