Editing Timecode in Dorico 4

Can I reduce timecode to just be mm:ss, since the work is only 10 minutes long?

Welcome to the forum, @Zara_Ali. I’m afraid at the moment Dorico doesn’t provide an option to completely hide the frames component of the timecode. Sorry!

Welcome to the forum, @Zara_Ali ! Nice to see you here, too!
I noticed in your last score that you probably used dorico, very cool!
See you soon,

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Ok, thanks for your reply! I ended up manually putting it in, and it took much time, so I hope you can fix this in the future! It’s very useful for pieces with acoustic instruments playing with a fixed music (electronic) track. Thank you!

Omg! : D

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I was just hunting around to see if it’s possible to show timecode as just mm.ss and found this post. Oh well. I would like this feature, for exactly the reason Zara_Ali stated, it would be a nice convenience.