Editing track volume and seeing real-time waveform update

… can be done with the draw tool (8).
the problem is - not volume increase. only volume reduction.
pro tools has it since forever. why such a basic thing does not exist?

There have been threads about this already, lately this one in the Nuendo section:

The blunt answer to your rethoric question: Because Steinberg have not programmed it yet.

that’s like not having an undo option. seriously.
makes me seriously consider not recording my next project in cubase. fix it!!

right now my solution is clicking on the vertical center point of the waveform, and thus to set a real 0 point (facepalm)

Who are you to order me around? Please try to remain civilized and don’t mix up fellow users with company represantatives (which you also shouldn’t talk to like this).

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i’m half joking. maybe there are reps around here that care about user frustration.

Sure there are, but far and few in between. This is not an official Steinberg support forum, its manned
by every day normal users, so you really need to hit up Steinberg support if you are meaning to actually catch the devs attention.

@cilsmi A possible workaround could be to assign a shortcut to the normalize function.
This would allow you to increase the volume while seeing a kind-of real-time waveform change.