Editing variable tempo map: Later points shifted?

Hi - Re: MIDI tempo adjustments:

Not infrequently after I’ve created a tempo map for a variable tempo project I need to adjust some of the tempo points again, to a faster or slower tempo. I select several tempo points in the Tempo Track and slide them up and down. I do it in Linear Timebase, because I don’t want to have the music timing sound differently as a result **.

After doing that, I notice that all the tempo points subsequent to that are shifted off from their musical notes. For example, the later tempo points I inserted at the start of each bar might be shifted so that Cubase places the bar line in the middle of the bar instead.

Is that simply unavoidable if I’m in Linear Timebase?

Thanks for helping me think through this … my brain is burning up trying to figure out if there is a way to do this!

**FWIW, I’m trying to take a live MIDI track recorded without click, which has not only the desired tempo variations between song parts but also some unwanted (less than perfect … OK - sloppy!) tempo variations on a more beat-to-beat level - and convert it into a VSTi drum track that I can then use as a guide rhythm to lay all the final song tracks down to - vocals, MIDI instruments, etc. So the goal of this whole thing is to smooth out the unmusical “microscopic” tempo variations while preserving the desired “macro” tempo variations between song parts, then generate a VSTi drum track that follows the variable tempo of the project.