Editing Velocity and CC lanes in a percussion kit

I am writing that has 2 percussion kits that route to 7 different channels in Kontakt between the two kits. When I combine the kits, not only do the written dynamics disappear (I have already seen the thread related to that issue), but the velocity and cc data for every instrument other than 1 disappear and become impossible to interact with through the key editor. I was wondering if this is a bug or intentional? Unless there is a specific way to interact with each individual instruments midi data individually rather than in a kit? If I recall correctly, looking at a kit in the play menu in Dorico 3.5, it showed all instruments in a kit individually. Although, that became very cluttered with percussion heavy ensembles, so I do prefer this newer approach. I wouldn’t be that bothered by it if the written dynamics didn’t also disappear when you combine a kit. Because now if I want the perfect sound, I have to fine tune instruments when they are not in a kit, but as soon as I write the dynamics once combined, they mess up with the playback. I really hope I am just missing a huge way to edit percussion kits that are routed to different instruments.

Yes, you’re right that compared to Dorico 3.5, there is a reduction in flexibility in Dorico 4.3 because you cannot route each individual instrument in a kit independently in Play mode. For the time being, you will I think need to use separate percussion instruments rather than a kit in order to get independent control both over the destination of each instrument in the kit in terms of plug-in/port/channel but also for the MIDI CC editor in the Key Editor.

Are there plans on re-expanding this feature in a future update?

Yes, definitely. In the next major version you will be able to select each instrument in the kit as its own track in Play mode, which will enable you to route each instrument in the kit independently via the Track Inspector in the left zone.

What I’m not so clear on is the MIDI CC editors in the Key Editor, because I believe those will continue to only apply to the kit as a whole rather than for each individual instrument in the kit, but I’ll check that with my colleague Andrew.

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