Editing velocity multiple midi notes

I want to edit the velocity of multiple selected midi notes so that all notes have the same velocity. i tried typing in the key editor in “velocity” but the result was the selected midi notes were proportinately changed - is there a quick way to get all selected midi notes to have identical velocity?

Hold down Ctrl key (CMD key on Mac) while entering/confirming the numerical entry in the Info Line.

Thanks – Pressing Ctrl and then entering changed all the notes to velocity 64 before I typed anything, and holding down ctril was not able to change the 64 to anything else.

But, if I marked all the notes I wanted, changed the velocity by typing in the Velocity box, then ctrl + enter changed all notes to the same.

Thanks for your help.

There is also a Logical Editor preset to set all velocities to 100, which could easily be changed to the value you want.

You can also just drag the velocity til all are max, that will set them all to the same value, then redrag to your desired value.
I find that easier and faster than taking my hand off the mouse to type on the keyboard.