I’m having a very difficult time figuring out how to edit VG2. I checked online for some tutorials. But all I could find was a SB promo and one in German, which seemed to be covering the basics just like the promo.

I picked a Gypsy Strumming preset for a Bossa Nova tune I’m working on, as that was as close as I could get style-wise. I thought I’d be able to edit the performance in the MIDI lane of Nuendo (4.3). But it’s only showing the launch data of the preset not the preset data itself! That means that I have to edit the preset itself to get the performance I want. But editing inside VG2 is a nightmare, as it’s all trial and error and there’s no help button to launch for any further info.

Can anyone here point me in the right direction on where to find out how to edit this VSTi?

Anybody? I’d really like to be able to use this app.

Okay, the manual has taught me how to edit and save parts within the instrument. Now I need to figure out how to chain DIFFERENT parts together to make a convincing performance.

It says that the Key Remote Range will trigger default parts 1 - 8. So PT.1 “Royal” and Pt. 3 “Gypsy Fill” should be keys C1 and E1 respectively, right? In VSL strings you can assign legato to a key and detache to another key. The VG2 manual SEEMS to be saying the same thing. But I’m not clear as to how that works, because if Pt. 1 is C1 and Pt. 3 is E1, then when I place the MIDI trigger blocks to make this change, I SHOULD switch between the parts. Instead, I’m getting a completely different part that plays through both sections. What am I doing wrong?

I just tend to render it wav and then chop it up to do roughly what I’m after then make sure it’s not to prominent in the mix…have you thought about trying Realguitar 2, it has a load of pattern banks in its library, Kevin

Thanks so much for the reply! I’ve never heard of RealGuitar. But I will look into it. I’ve gotta say that the editing features on VG2 are nothing short of nightmarish! I came to the same conclusion you did about just rendering the VG performance files into .wav clips and then assembling those clips. But that seems an absurd amount effort, given the stated purpose of the program in the first place. The worst part of the editing feature is not even being able to slice the “launched performances” after the fact! You build a pattern that changes over a couple of beats. There’s an error at beat 1 & 2. So you slice it to get to beat 3 & 4. But your slice turns beat 3 into the screwed up beat 1 again. What’s the logic behind that design?!!?

A good two thirds of the instructions from the manual do not work as described, if at all. Every time I placed one of those part change MIDI commands in place, VG essentially crashed! It not only didn’t change to the expected part, It screwed up the original part and just gave me a staccato performance of everything. So I’d have to unload and reload the style section. I can’t remember working with a more frustrating program.

So my next work around attempt will be to play the closest performance I can get from VG2, organize those MIDI clips and then run the whole thing through Melodyne. Then I can go into the performance and make the pitch and timing corrections required and then print a real performance that I hopefully won’t have to “hide” in the mix! I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Have you tried RealGuitar yourself? Does it address the issues of VG2?

I use realguitar 2 all the time, it’s important to have the pattern library, there’s loads of patterns from strums to picking all types and it just sounds like a guitarist when you get it in the mix…I’m working on a track now that is all realguitar…I could send you an mp3 of it if you wish or i could put it up on my souncloud page for you to have a listen, let me know…best regards, Kevin

it’s only acoustic…by the way.

but by the time you put it through guitar rig it can be anything you want

Ok, here’s where I am on this. I tracked the song seven times from beginning to end each with a different guitar part to build up my selection of clips (that I SHOULD’VE BEEN ABLE TO SELECT WITHIN VG2). Then I mad a comp performance track from those clips. It turned out pretty well. Then I ran it through Melodyne to get the notes separated so that I could tweak/eliminate any of the minor errors.

While each “blob” was it’s own chord, which means you CANNOT REPAIR a bad chord, YOU CAN REPLACE the incorrect chord with another blob from another section. It’s a major P.I.T.A. with a ridiculous amount of extra effort required to make it work. But the end result is a TANGIBLE WORK-AROUND!

If anyone has a more streamlined way to make this work or any information regarding getting the launch commands to change the parts inside VG2 (which by itself would save an hour of unnecessary passes just to get the clips together!), feel free to speak up. I would greatly appreciate a response, because I still think that there’s got to be a better way to make this program work. But at least there is one way now that will work.

Thanks a lot Kevin for trying to help. IT WAS MUCH APPRECIATED!!

It sounds like way too much hassle …dump it and get realguitar 2…try the demo

What’s the price of RealGuitar2?