Editing vocal line causes piano to not play

I have a vocal/piano score that suddenly developed an issue. When I edit the vocal line the piano stops playing (sounding). Even if it’s just a lyric edit.
It’s not muted and nothing is soloed in play mode. There must be something I did to it but I can’t discover it.
I also notice that I have to press P a second time to get the play scroll started.
I have to close the file unsaved and reopen to restore playback.
I can’t post it here-nor can I post a version with changed notes because that is the issue.
Anyone have any hints as to my problem?


Maybe just post it anyway.

People could have a fiddle and do what you’re doing to see if it happens to them as well?

Without the project I really can’t provide any help. If you want, you can send me the project in a private message here on the forum. Be sure to include the specific steps you are taking to reproduce the problem.

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