Hello everybody,
I will be using Nuendo 5 for film soundediting and radioplay produktion. I have for evaluation purposes at the moment an Euphonix MC Transport as a hardware edit controller installed which is avery costeffectiv and usebale solution.But… here are my questions: The head and tail trim functions provided in Nuendo are “edit” only functions so to say. That means that these functions are not audible functions. As well as the jog move function: The event is moved by jogging it (moving it) on the timeline, but it is also an unaudible function. But I WANT TO HEAR WHAT I AM CUTTING OR MOVING.
If any one knows how to, please let me know.

Have a nice one


I think I understand what you’re asking about…

Are you saying that for example if you were trimming the tail of a clip right up to the last audible sound… you want to hear that littlest piece of audio play to let you know you’re right up on it… is this right?

I don’t believe that you can do this in nuendo.

I think I understand your question…
Cant you use “scrub” mode and then when you park the cursur just use the key command to split the region at the cursor.

This way you could hear the audio as you are scrubbing thru it, split the region and delete the sections you wanted to trim?

Thanks for the questions. To be understood: When working with audio, it is necessary to listen to what you are doing. So when trimming or moving audio on the timeline and changing the audio content of an event it is very useful when in jog mode to hear the changes of the audio content. If this is not possible at the moment this should be a feature in upcoming sw updates.
We are also using system by Fairlight and AMS and with these systems it is possible to hear all the editing changes while your are “scrubbing” through audio.


in n4 you could slip the in and out handles and hear the audio scrub while you do it. this functionality was removed in n5. it’s a shame.

having said that i wouldn’t go back to using an audiofile. ever.

Wait, what? Really?