I recorded some rehearsals of my band on a zoom H4N using the multi-track mode recording two tracks. I recorded two descreet WAV files and imported them into Cuebase. There are probably 10 songs. How do I edit the two tracks together in a stereo mode. When I try to edit the track I want to see two descreet waveforms for left/right. Instead I can only see one. The timeline should show the left waveform on the top and the right waveform on the bottom together in that song. Instead, I only see one. I hope I explained that right. If anyone has any thoughts about this, let me know.

Were these tracks recorded in Mono? Could you explain the process the audio files go through to get from the Zoom to Cubase so that we can better understand?

The tracks were recorded on the stereo mic that part of the Zoom H4N. It’s a 4 track MP3 recorder, but also records WAV files (which I had it set for). So in the multi-track mode, I recorded on to track 1 & 2 as seperate files and imported them into Cuebase. They show up in the Cuebase timeline as two seperate tracks on two different timelines. I want to combine them on to 1 timeline so I can edit it as a stereo track. I thought I could do that.

Export L/R stereo out channels to wav file at you projects sample rate and bit depth and import the audio track back into the project. You should then have one combined stereo audio track to work with.

I tried to export and I keep getting a window popping up that says “Not enough space on disk available for export”. What might I be doing wrong here?

Sorry, I got sidetracked for awhile. Make sure you don’t have your locators “reversed”. They should be blue, not red.