Editor - Inspector - only shows "Hitpoints" and nothing else?

When I double click on a track and go into the Editor, on the left hand side in Inspector where I should have more edit options I only have “Hitpoints”. Am I missing something?

Hi, I have this confusion too.

Elements 10, Sample Editor, Left pane Inspector only has one item in there Hitpoints.
But I’ve seen video and pics of “Process”, “Range”, “AudioWarp”, allowing you to drag curves around on the audio material…

I do see “Process” in the regular AUDIO menu, with Envelope, Gain, FadeIn, but I wonder why I don’t find Process in the Inspector pane.

Thanks for any help

I read this is because I am using Elements…

Does both Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist both have this functionality?

I don’t know what this feature difference is called, where it would appear in the comparison…

Just following up answering this question.

I bought Cubase Artist and it has those other features in the Inspector window.
I believe for Cubase Elements it only has Hitpoints in the Inspector window.