Editor/librarian for older synths

Specifically, a Korg M3R, which isn’t included in Cubase’s drop-down list of devices.

I want to be able to call up patches/combi’s from within Cubase. The only editors I found for an M3R are Midiquest – which is $250! – and a Win95 freeware that I won’t even bother trying to install under Win 7.

The Cubase manual talks about setting up a device manually – from what I can tell, this involves going thru the painstaking process of entering each bank and patch of the Korg into Cubase – right?

Any suggestions appreciated

Search for Lanter’s posts in the old forum and follow the link to his site. He did and collected a bunch. I think there’s a Sticky over there, Doug.

Yeah, other than that you make your own.

Lanter – isn’t that Tom Zartler, aka Woodcrest studio?

Thanks i’ll take a look at that

No, Tom was Lander. Lanter is Jan. :wink: