Editor | NO preview of processing

Since Steinberg usually take years to answer support request, I hope, you guys can maybe help me out. (I’m using Cubase 10 Pro).
When I open up the editor of an audio event, I can playback the event just fine, but when I am adding any process (like fade, reverse or anything) I get no sound whatsoever when I want to preview the process in the process window. Back in the editor I can hear the audio (or processes audio) again.

I am not very eager to work blindly using processes and going back and forth between do and undo. :cry:

Can anybody help, please!

All the best!

Hi and welcome,

All previews are routed to Monitor 1 bus. Make sure you enable Control Room and Monitor 1 is routed to the wanted output (probably the main one). Then make sure Stereo Out is set to Not Connected (to don’t double the main out signal).