Editor pages - Transport Controls & other requests

I made a post regarding Transport Controls being available in the Editors:


There seems to be alot of space with the default items in the Editor pages and it would be a nice feature to have.

I know I can minimize windows and so forth but there has always been alot of to and fro with Cubase from the Project Window to these Editors, something that the Lower Zone doesn’t really alleviate since you need to go to an Editor in order to access the Inspector.

When there was such a thing as the floating Transport Bar, there was no problem but in a way the introduction of the Lower Zone and (likely) associated transport section is a bit of a regression and I believe having Transport Controls available in all of the editors would go a long way towards making the program easier to use.

There still is, pretty much unchanged.

Yep; good ol’ F2 :wink:

Great, so is there a way to remove the section under the Lower Zone?

My FR still stands however.


I know I’ll probably catch flak for this, but I’ll say it anyway. If you’re going to make feature requests, wouldn’t it be better if you already understood how the program worked, rather than asking others to read the manual for you?

I’m coming from C7 where the Transport Bar was enabled by default and my FR is for something that doesn’t exist.

(OT posts removed. 1 FR per thread to keep things on topic please.)

Hi Steve,

It’s about the program, is there a rule I have not followed and where do I post my feature request “disable Project Assistant on load” and “File Menu option for Project Assistant” or should I start another post?

You can merge my threads but please do not delete them, they are for attention of Steinberg Employees.


Each feature request should go in its own topic.