Editor problem in cubase 13 and 13.0.2

I was editing a song which ended in an even timed rundown from C to G. I decided to gradually slow the run down to the final cord, so I split all the tracks on each of the last four bars and moved them to create an increasing delay. so far so good everything worked fine. Then I realised that as the song apparently slowed, the notes should get longer this is where it went crazy. the second last chord ‘A’ when I selected all four notes and tried to lengthen they jumped to a staggered start when I tried each note separately the other notes jumped all over the place. I managed with great difficulty and many attempts to this simple thing by re drawing each note a semi-tone higher and deleting the old note and moving it down (crazy) except for the last note which still made others jump when I deleted the note I had to just mute it. What hassle just to lengthen four stupid notes. I never had a problem with that in all the previous versions of cubase

That sounds like the Notes are Snapping to your Grid or Quantization. But it’s hard to know for sure what might be happening based on only a text description. A screenshot would help clarify the situation.

That said if you want everything to slow down towards the end the easiest way would be to add a Tempo Track make the changes there.

Also are you aware of the Select Tool (Arrow) option Sizing Applies Timestretch?

Thanks Raino, I did think about a tempo track after I had finally sorted out my primitive method but was loath to change things. Must admit I’m reluctant to use tempo tracks anyway. Not something I’m accustomed to. But after it was sorted I moved a phrase 1/32nd later using the mouse and again everything was leaping all over the place. I had to undo the move and everything jumped back to their normal place 1/32nd early. I then used control and right arrow to move it and that did it as it should. I was thinking that perhaps it was some sort of bug in 13.0.2. Thanks again for your help and advice.

The problem with not using the Tempo Track for stuff like this is you loose the Grid (for no real benefit either). Your slowed down quarter Note will look like it is longer than a quarter Note. But if you use a Tempo Track the Grid will just follow along, you can even Snap to the Grid and retain the correct timing while further adjusting the Tempo.

It really is as easy as adding a Tempo Event, setting its value & deciding if you want to Ramp or Step to the new Tempo. Then you only have to deal with time in Bars & Beats and not Minutes & Seconds.

Thank you once again Raino,

I will definitely do that next time. But I wont mess with this one after all the hassle I had to get it working.