Editorial marks only in score

Good afternoon,
I am currently working on an edition of a classical work, and I have to add some editorial marks in the score, in order to differentiate the music written by the composer and the editorial additions; and I have to do this with some letters and brackets appearing only in score, not in parts.

If I add all these things as a Text object, I have to hide one by one the marks in the parts.

Could you recommend me a better way to do this?
Thank you!

One thing that might help is creating a dedicated paragraph style for editorial marks, so that way you could go to each part, select one such marking, then select more to only select that paragraph style, which would make hiding any and all such markings a little quicker.

And just FYI, that’s new to 5.0, so it won’t work in previous versions.

  1. Set Properties to “Global”.
  2. Hide the Text.
  3. Set Properties to “Local”.
  4. Turn off Hide for the Score.

Oddly, I tested this method 3 hours ago before I made my initial reply, and it didn’t work on that file. Perhaps it just glitched for me for some reason.